Monday, 14 December 2009

Writer's Group Collaboratively Composes Two Poems With Help From Budgens Value Jaffa Cakes And Dedicated to Mentor Jacob Sam La Rose

On Friday Kristian Wightwick, Kat Quill, Stephanie King, Beth Grew, Jess Bone and Mr Docherty met as the Writer's Group to perform a creative experiment. We dedicate these poems to Jacob Sam La Rose whose website of intriguing images,, inspired us line by line. We couldn't fit the really good phrase, 'mathematical migraine' in anywhere if anyone would like to make use of it...

Thanks to Buckminster.

An average joe
Waiting for an average load.

He doth keep the machines custard bright.

Putting your life
Out to dry,

Uniformed lines
Of linen.

Bom bom bada
bom bom bada

There’s no such thing
As dirty skin.

Climbing from word to word

Stairway. A stainless steel
Promise of mundanity.

Even the red rose
I suppose.

Forgotten beauty grown cold
Do you like them? We did this by looking at the pics on 'before it disappears' and trying to write an image, phrase or line on each. These were ripped without a care from the page and tossed into a huge mug. We then muddled them up and split between two groups who put them into the order you find here. The strips of paper were ceremonially taken away for typing in the plastic tray bits where our value jaffa cakes had once sat and were protected from the elements by the box itself.
Yes, I do need a holiday...

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