Wednesday, 9 December 2009

From Jacob's/Y9's September workshop: Mathew Payne and Isobel Refoy.

The Man I would have liked to meet

Forgotten and alone,
Losing colour and tone,
Lies my only fact about him,

But when I peek inside,
I see the glint in his eyes,
And I wish I could speak to him,

The edges are peeling,
And are revealing,
The age of this photo,

I put the lid back on,
For now, I am gone,
But I’ll return tomorrow,

That is to see,
The man I would have like to meet,
My, dead, Granddad.

Matthew Payne


Should I buy it, or not?
She would probably like it,
Since it only has raisins added.
No coconut. She doesn’t like coconut.

I am getting at least one thing for everyone.
I already know what I’m getting Adam’
And I have dad’s in my bag.
So I decide, and reach into my pocket to get the money.

When I get home,
I lay out everyone’s gifts on the picnic table.
Cheddar for my dad
Chocolate for my brother
And the much thought over
Flapjack for my mum.

Because, you see, it’s just one of my ways of saying a very, very small

Isobel Refoy

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