Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Kristian Wightwick- The Love I Loved

The Love I Loved

I once had a love that I loved.
We shared, danced, talked and laughed,
All under the moon and star.
There, I thought it was written,
“Forever and ever”.
The love I loved stopped loving me.
So, I turned, I slumped,
I fell, head over heels,
Up from the highest peak,
Down to the thorny bottom.
For I found that the love I loved
Wasn’t so great. It wasn’t all cotton whites
And breakfasts in beds. It was false,
A little blind, quite sadly.

For when I found what the love I loved truly was,
I stared into the glass and let the glass demist,
I stared to other side at the love I loved,
And felt sick, disgusted and angry. Foolish, most of all.
I saw the stupid face, once lined with arrogance,
Now wrinkled with surprise and realisation.
For I saw the love I loved for what it truly was.

For you see, the love I loved was me.
Now, don’t confuse my intention
As the love I mean was not quite love as you might perceive,
This love was a love of hate,
For I hated the love I loved,
For it was me.

But then you took me by the arm,
Led me back to the mountain
From which I fell – head over heels –
And told me it was okay.
You smiled at me and said “hello”, in that way you do,
It made me feel safe and okay, just like you said.
Because, you see...well, it’s like this:
Perhaps, now I will love again, a different love,
Scary, new and exciting. Funny, pretty and witty.
Better and nothing like the love I loved before.
For you see, it’s you – hello.

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