Thursday, 23 December 2010

'How to be a Corfe Hills Writer

In the December workshop we explored with Jacob his poems 'How to be Urban', 'How to be a Basketball' and 'How to be Gravity'. This neat conceit intrigued us.

How to be a Pen
Always asleep, always dreaming; words; letters; numbers

working hard even though you're sat down.

Full of life, but lacking energy.

A sword to an artistic warrior,

something to comfort a troubled mind.

Your friend; the paper; a welcome gift.

Beth Grew

How to be Snow

The lazy snowdrops evacuate the sombre clouds

And find their haphazard way

Down to the expectant Earth.

They make everything feel festive,

Like it's going to be a white Christmas

Or la navidad blanco, or le noel blanc,

Either way , it's nice,

To go outside

In the untampered bliss

And mould imperfect balls of cold perfection.

Ben Custard

How to be Me

Listen to the music,

come what may,

break the rules, love is for


Find the answer: 42.

White flag, the song for you

And remember just one thing

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just

to love and be loved in return.
Jess Orchard

Winter Words

Here are poems from Jacob's October and December workshops.

First, a mighty contribution from Luke Dowell.

His walking stick was Ming Dynasty,
one of a kind.
How my grandad came to have it I don't know.
The blue to green metallic glow covered
the hollow iron underneath with gold
Chinese dragon flowing perfectly up the side
which represents power, pride and courage.
Three things that my grandfather
definitely had.

The crack that flowed through the willow
handle reminds me that as a child
of three I used it as a golf club.
The same as that priceless old cane,
I am also now hollow.

Luke Dowell

Seems the time of year to think of ancestors. This is by Anon.

The Elders

Even the dead live through my blood.

Pictures of the forgotten,

It sat on top of the oak drawer.

Just behind his past self.

Pictures of the forgotten,

In the centre of the photo he's there.