Monday, 4 January 2010

Writer's Group receiving inspiration from Jacob Sam La Rose 15th December

Here's the second poem written during Jacob's Writer's Group workshop and inspired by Catherine Pierce's 'Love Poem To Hate'.

Love poem to the sea

Mid-summer nights, above the cove,
In which, hours before, was sand,
I watch you embrace the rock.

You respire in a low rumble,
Snoring softly in lento,
Along with my heartbeat.

Salty air makes me, look thirstily down,
Into many people’s watery grave,
Oh, how you can sweet talk us.

As the horizon leaks into orange,
You draw yourself away from the cove,
Leaving your sandy chamber.

Sophie Nicholson

I think this is brilliant. I asked Sophie about two words I wasn't sure of. She says:

'Lento' is slower than adagio, its a music speed, and 'respire' I thought instead of breathing because, I'm personifying the sea it sort of makes it more human if I use respire, so it sounds living.

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  1. This is beautiful! Love everything about this poem :)
    - Imogen x