Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Writer's Group Workshop 15th December: Advice for Poets/'A Love Poem to Recession'-Kat Qill

Thanks to Imogen and Sophie for leaving a reminder me of Jacob's poetry formula on their feedback sheet: CREATE CRAFT COMMUNICATE.
I've only just rubbed this off the board- also from Jacob:
  1. Striking First Line
  2. Cliches (Kill Them!)
  3. Cut Unnecessary Words
  4. Striking Resolution
  5. Form/ Structure

Our Writer's Group really got down to business. We discussed a work entitled 'Love Poem to Fear' by Catherine Pierce. A few simple steps later...

A Love Poem To Recession-Kat Quill

Carbon Monoxide clouds billow

around me. The cold evening

air enhancing the sweet

concoction of nicotine and


Coppers rattle on the table top

Measly change from a

magnificent meal. Waitresses

my sole companion while my


gently steams...

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