Thursday, 8 July 2010

Extra Time

Ben again. This time he's stepping up to the penalty kick of fiction writing: flash fiction. 250 words only to hit the spot...

It's The Small Things That Count

Sean Carrott woke up suddenly, with a plan. He was tired of the bullies. He wanted a new life in another school. Eventually, Mum agreed, and they toured the new school. They went round the Technology block, where, amongst others, a kid called John White was sitting. John was also bullied, and spent his breaktimes alone. John was shorter than average, and quite rotund. He had glasses, and always wore his shirt with the top button fastened. He loved soaking up information but the bucketful. Sean was much of the same, except with braces and a noticeable lisp.

The uniform looked smart, and in two days he was settling in. Sean was put in the same classes as John, and they gelled almost immediately. They found out that they liked quite a lot of things and watched the same television shows, like Star Trek. Unfortunately, the bullying largely continued for the pair. Nearly every day, practical jokes were played and countless insults thrown. John was called ‘fatty’ a lot and Sean was apparently ‘orange’ thanks to his surname. As you’d expect, it affected the boys for a while, but after a while, they pulled together, and it didn’t bother them as much any more. The insults became more gradual. After about 3 months, not many of the ‘harder’ kids took any notice anymore. There were still insults, but more sporadic and not as hurtful. Sean had made the move to be happy, and nothing brings happiness more than a friend…

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