Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mr La Rose's First Visit

Poet, Jacob Sam La Rose first visited us in the Autumn Term of 2008. Here's a picture of Zuber, Giles and Andrew enjoying themselves.

These poems were written:


Happiness is the sand that runs through your fingers,
Sorrow is the wind that takes it away,
Love is the butterfly delicate but strong,
Hate is the net that that captures its freedom,
Fear is the darkness which consumes all,
Anger is the flame that burns it away,
Boredom is the chalkboard covered in sums,
Excitement is the school bell at the end of the day.
Emotion comes to these eight things in whole,
And together form the essence of a soul.

Matt Miles

A disease that spreads
From mouth to mouth,
Fist to fist. Squawking
Like a crow in the night.
Its voice screams in your ears,
Fills your body
With unbearable heat.
The heat escapes,
From mouth to mouth,
Fist to fist.
Causing pain, devouring

Zuber Hakizimfura

A bright yellow flower
In dry, dull grass.
A tropical breeze
Sweetened by cinnamon.
Gentle waves crashing
With a humble melody.
Coming and going,
Ending and beginning.

Alex Cake.

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